We love it, bees love it, all about rapeseed wax

People always comment about the UK being so lovely and green in the summer, but if you look closer, it is really green and yellow.

If you drive, cycle or travel by train or bus you will see that field upon field up all over the country is filled with bright yellow flowers, this is rapeseed from which we get many lovely by products, especially lovely rapeseed oil, a great oil to cook with and to dress a salad.

We also get rapeseed wax, which at Hopping Hare Candles, we use as our wax of choice for the majority of our candles.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is why do we use rapeseed wax instead of soy, paraffin or other waxes. There’s a few really good reasons which we’ve outline below but it is simply that we love working with rapeseed wax as it gives us the results we want for our fragrance range and gives a good clean smoke and soot free burn which leaves little waste, which gives our customers great value and the added bonus of not having black soot marks up their walls. Most people don’t even know that you can make candles from rapeseed  wax, and assume all natural waxes are soy, and to be fair, most are soy so it is what people expect.

Here are some other reasons why rapeseed wax is a great choice for candles:

  • Low carbon footprint  – rapeseed is grown in UK & Europe (extensively where we are based in Northamptonshire)  so it is not travelling over oceans to get here like Soy, sometimes it is very local
  • It does not create harmful toxins like paraffin
  • It is non-hazardous for us, our pets or wildlife
  • It helps our bees, (and we all love bees), they love the nectar that rapeseed flowers product
  • It feeds our animals
  • In the form of bio-fuel, it powers our vehicles
  • It is sustainable
  • It protects our soil
  • It is not genetically modified

As well as its obviously fabulous eco and green credentials, we love the fact it has exceptional hot and cold throw properties (and if you are not familiar with this candle making terminology, it simply means they smell great when lit and when not lit).

Rapeseed wax burns at a low temperature so the fragrance evaporates gently from the wax pool rather than being burnt off at a high temperature, which also makes the aroma linger for longer.

It does burn really well too, the low temperature giving an extended burn time over other natural and mineral based waxes but a lot of that is down to using the correct wick, pouring wax at the right temperature into a correctly heated container and waiting til the wax pool hits the sides of the container before you extinguish the flame. We candle makers, spend hours finessing these fine details so that you get a beautiful smelling product that you love and want to buy again.

So if you care about what you burn in your home, give rapeseed wax a try.

After all, if rapeseed makes bees happy, it can put a smile on our faces too.


Summer has finally arrived at Hopping Hare Candles

Like our Spring Collection, the candles are presented in white glass containers with ribbon and wax seal presentation details.


Introducing Tropical Oud, a fruity summer treat, nothing smells more like summer holidays than this candle. Florals meet exotic summer fruit with a powerful punch of mango and other magical summer aromas to create this surprising yet wonderfully rounded blend.

This is smooth blend, not overly sweet, just wonderfully reminiscent of sunshine, relaxation and journeys of discovery, where fruit and floral oils are mixed with coconut to compliment decadent oud

A true feast for the senses.


Also for our Summer 2018 collection is Twilight, it took a while to get the right floral balance for this candle, not too sweet, not too pungent, it’s mellow and soothing with a middle notes mix of jasmine, gardenia and neroli amongst others with base notes of rosewood and amber

Imagine walking through a midsummer garden as the sun is setting and inhale the aromas of the flowers as they release their last perfume of the day before night falls..

A wonderful aroma that brings the opulent scent of gorgeously scented garden flowers into your home.

The perfect gentle English summer blend.


The collection is available as 9cl and 30cl candles as standard and as 50cl 3 wick white glass, 100cl 4 wick clear glass and 200cl clear glass 4 wick to order.

Tealight samples are now available to test the new fragrances too, just £1 with free P&P plus if you like it, get your £1 off a full sized version, Removes the worry about buying candles online – a little taster (but obviously not literally!)

and summer keeps rolling on…..


Recycle your Candles

Over several cups of coffee, we were discussing all the new recycling developments, and thought of an idea.

What if you could recycle your candles?

We are currently trialling these metal containers with rapeseed wax and our Warming essential oil blend and in Oriental Oud, Rose and Oud and Persian Oud fragrance oil blends. The idea is that when they have finished burning, you send or give us back the container and we refill for a cheaper price than buying a new candle.

We think these lovely metal containers would do the job nicely, as metal is better than glass for this recycling purpose. There’s two sizes available and two colourways, silver and the very ‘of the moment’ copper.

A few customers are trying them out as well as us, so we will post updates of our progress, we will have them on our show stands if you come along and have a look and tell us your thoughts.


Good idea or do you prefer having a ‘box fresh’ candle every time?

Candle Ideas for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day (also known as Mothering Sunday) in the UK is the 10th March, yes, that soon.

Traditional Mothers Day gifts include chocolates and flowers, but at Hopping Hare we like to think that Mum’s deserve something a bit longer lasting and with perfumes getting increasingly more expensive, then a candle could be the solution for you.

We have spoken to a few of our customers about the types of candle fragrances they would like to receive as gifts, something they usually have to buy for themselves.

The top fragrances were a quite traditional, like Rose and Vanilla, but interestingly, a new favourite appears to be Pomegranate,  which is fast becoming one of our most popular candle blends. We also found that our Vintage Fizz candle is a firm favourite for any occasion.

We have suggested these 4 candles as ideal gift options for Mother’s Day. Also our Soft Vanilla candles are on offer at the moment, they still come in our lovely packaging, with ribbon and wax seal so need need to even wrap them up! To get 20% off both sizes of Soft Vanilla, simply enter van20 at the checkout in our web shop.www.hoppingharecandles.co.uk/soft-vanilla/

Still can’t decide, then why not choose a 3 x votive gift box, you can choose three different small candles that come packaged in a special black gift box, decorated in our usual way with ribbon and wax seal. www.hoppingharecandles.co.uk/3-candle-gift-box/