Recycle your Candles

Over several cups of coffee, we were discussing all the new recycling developments, and thought of an idea.

What if you could recycle your candles?

We are currently trialling these metal containers with rapeseed wax and our Warming essential oil blend and in Oriental Oud, Rose and Oud and Persian Oud fragrance oil blends. The idea is that when they have finished burning, you send or give us back the container and we refill for a cheaper price than buying a new candle.

We think these lovely metal containers would do the job nicely, as metal is better than glass for this recycling purpose. There’s two sizes available and two colourways, silver and the very ‘of the moment’ copper.

A few customers are trying them out as well as us, so we will post updates of our progress, we will have them on our show stands if you come along and have a look and tell us your thoughts.


Good idea or do you prefer having a ‘box fresh’ candle every time?