Summer has finally arrived at Hopping Hare Candles

Like our Spring Collection, the candles are presented in white glass containers with ribbon and wax seal presentation details.


Introducing Tropical Oud, a fruity summer treat, nothing smells more like summer holidays than this candle. Florals meet exotic summer fruit with a powerful punch of mango and other magical summer aromas to create this surprising yet wonderfully rounded blend.

This is smooth blend, not overly sweet, just wonderfully reminiscent of sunshine, relaxation and journeys of discovery, where fruit and floral oils are mixed with coconut to compliment decadent oud

A true feast for the senses.


Also for our Summer 2018 collection is Twilight, it took a while to get the right floral balance for this candle, not too sweet, not too pungent, it’s mellow and soothing with a middle notes mix of jasmine, gardenia and neroli amongst others with base notes of rosewood and amber

Imagine walking through a midsummer garden as the sun is setting and inhale the aromas of the flowers as they release their last perfume of the day before night falls..

A wonderful aroma that brings the opulent scent of gorgeously scented garden flowers into your home.

The perfect gentle English summer blend.


The collection is available as 9cl and 30cl candles as standard and as 50cl 3 wick white glass, 100cl 4 wick clear glass and 200cl clear glass 4 wick to order.

Tealight samples are now available to test the new fragrances too, just £1 with free P&P plus if you like it, get your £1 off a full sized version, Removes the worry about buying candles online – a little taster (but obviously not literally!)

and summer keeps rolling on…..


The Perfect Candles for the Festive Season

Here at Hopping Hare HQ, we love all things festive.  So creating our festive candles was a struggle as we had already decided to limit it to three.

Winter Spice is like Christmas in a jar, orange, cinammon and clove offer a spicy blend that is both warm and inviting, and will fill your home with a sense of wellbeing.

Spiced Amber offers a softer option to the bold Winter Spice, whilst still highly fragranced, the blend of wonderful amber is mixed with ginger and the woody combination of cedarwood and sandalwood to form the base notes. Lily, jasmine and vanilla then soften the aroma to provide a warm and soothing aroma.

Prefer something sweeter? Then our Vintage Fizz candle might be just your tipple of choice.  Peach, grape and pear are blended with woody base notes to provide a fruity toasty aroma. Perfect as a scented backdrop to all your festive celebrations.

Our small 9cl candle is a perfect thank you gift, individually wrapped in tissue, boxes and presented with ribbon and wax seals or scent your home with our festive trio in larger sizes.