Summer has finally arrived at Hopping Hare Candles

Like our Spring Collection, the candles are presented in white glass containers with ribbon and wax seal presentation details.


Introducing Tropical Oud, a fruity summer treat, nothing smells more like summer holidays than this candle. Florals meet exotic summer fruit with a powerful punch of mango and other magical summer aromas to create this surprising yet wonderfully rounded blend.

This is smooth blend, not overly sweet, just wonderfully reminiscent of sunshine, relaxation and journeys of discovery, where fruit and floral oils are mixed with coconut to compliment decadent oud

A true feast for the senses.


Also for our Summer 2018 collection is Twilight, it took a while to get the right floral balance for this candle, not too sweet, not too pungent, it’s mellow and soothing with a middle notes mix of jasmine, gardenia and neroli amongst others with base notes of rosewood and amber

Imagine walking through a midsummer garden as the sun is setting and inhale the aromas of the flowers as they release their last perfume of the day before night falls..

A wonderful aroma that brings the opulent scent of gorgeously scented garden flowers into your home.

The perfect gentle English summer blend.


The collection is available as 9cl and 30cl candles as standard and as 50cl 3 wick white glass, 100cl 4 wick clear glass and 200cl clear glass 4 wick to order.

Tealight samples are now available to test the new fragrances too, just £1 with free P&P plus if you like it, get your £1 off a full sized version, Removes the worry about buying candles online – a little taster (but obviously not literally!)

and summer keeps rolling on…..


New Rose and Oud Candle Fragrance launched

We are delighted to launch our new home fragrance candle today – Rose & Oud.

We are very excited about our new candle fragrance. The basis of these two oils is already a popular blend, but we have put our own recipe together for this emerging classic.

By adding a little patchouli oil it gives a rounded warmth to the soft velvet rose floral and smoky wood combination of the Rose and Oud, we have also added a light touch of jasmine and a few other oils that will for now remain between the Hares team.

The overall effect is a highly fragrant, decadent, luxurious and heady but not overpowering fragrance. It strikes a perfect balance between floral and wood and lingers subtly for a time after the flame is extinguished. It is so lovely to walk back into a room hours later where the candle has been burning and still catch the fragrance.

This candle is made from 100% rapeseed wax, which we use for all our essential oil and limited edition candles. This natural wax may be tricky to work with but it gives a such great scent throw and really clean and long burn times that it is still our wax of choice. In testing our 20cl candle burned for just over 30 hours.

If you like our Oriental Oud, Oud Noir and Moroccan Rose candles you will love this blend, all the best features of each of those candles rolled into one.

The Rose and Oud candle is one of our limited editions. The candle is in black glass and to show it off, we have wrapped the candle in red rose tissue, boxed it in a sturdy 2-part presentation gift box and added our signature ribbon and wax seal in red too. It looks very striking and makes a perfect present to give or keep for yourself.


A fabulous gift for Valentines Day, after all a candle lasts much longer than flowers and is far more fragrant!

Rose & Oud Fragrance Oil Candle