Oud Blanc Tealight Sample

Oud Blanc

A journey for your senses where an mixed oud base meets jasmine, light yet heady, sensual yet fresh.

Oud Blanc has a long lingering fragrance, that complements the rest of our Oud Collection perfectly.

Oud Blanc 2 wick 30cl Candle

Oud Blanc

It is a luxurious heady white floral oud, with an amazing power to linger long after the flame as been extinguished.

Oud Blanc has a mixed oud base blended with an array of florals but primarily beautiful Jasmine.

Elegant, beautiful with hidden depth.


Oud Blanc is available as a container candle in 3 sizes or as one of our refillable candles

Also available as a long lasting reed diffuser in 3 sizes and tealight gift boxes of 4 wrapped in our signature tissue paper and black box.


Tropical Oud tealight Sample

Tropical Oud

Add tropical fruit led by mango, to a beautiful rich oud base to create a heady cocktail sunshine fragrance blend

This is perfect aroma to remember exotic holidays or dream of those to come and bring summer back home.

This is smooth blend, not sweet, just wonderfully reminiscent of sunshine, relaxation and journeys of discovery, where fruit and floral oils are mixed with coconut to compliment decadent oud

Hopping Hare Oud Collection Fragrance Oil Reed Diffusers

A Hopping Hare oil diffuser is an ideal way of maintaining a constant fragrance in your home, allowing you to complement your candle choice or, if candles are not for you, then a diffuser can be an ideal choice for those who like to be flame free and easy to put out of the reach of children and pets!

Our diffusers have a a larger percentage of oil in each container than a standard diffuser, this allows you to use less reeds in a small room or if you want the aroma to spread around you home, jsut add more reeds slowly to get the desired fragrance strength and effect. Our diffusers come in two sizes of glass containers, with a choice of cap colour to match your decor and a vast range of fragrance oils to match your mood.

Which fragrance to choose? You can choose a fragrance from our essential oils blends, our Oud collection range, Spring collection range (ideal for the kitchen) Summer 18 Limited Collection and Citrus twist and Pomegranate Rouge from our Home Fragrance Collection for your diffuser.

This product is for our Oud Collection.

Each diffuser is supplied with non clogging fibre reeds, then boxed with ribbon and our wax seal decoration

Oriental Oud Tealight sample

Summon up the darker side of far Eastern scents. Where oud and patchouli create a warm base highlighted with jasmine, rose and citrus to create a soft feminine top note and along lasting sensual fragrance.


Oud Wood Tealight sample

Oud, cedarwood and sandalwood form the base notes for this wonderful blend where woody essences meet vanilla, lavender and amber with a hint of citrus giving a creamy finish. Inspiring and evocative, perfect for relaxation.


Persian Oud Tealight sample

A more traditional oud blend with a middle eastern vibe and a slight twist. Where cedarwood and amber join our Oud base with delightful jasmine top notes, but smell again and you will find a touch of tonka bean and coconut to enhance and lighten the dark musky oud.

New Rose and Oud Candle Fragrance launched

We are delighted to launch our new home fragrance candle today – Rose & Oud. We are very excited about our new candle fragrance. The basis of these two oils is already a popular blend, but we have put our own recipe together for this emerging classic. By adding a little patchouli oil it gives […]

Rose and Oud Tealight sample

Beautiful, velvet soft english red roses join with decadent, exotic oud to create a mysterious and subtle yet highly fragranced blend that lingers, to both inspire and delight as it gently sweeps around your home.