Tealight candle samples – dip your toe before you dive in

Hands up if you ever bought a candle that didn’t live up to expectation and experienced that disappointment of wasting your money. Not good.

If you ask most people who buy candles regularly, we have all been there. Discovered a fascinating candle blend online, but then, stung by previous bad purchases, you then wonder, “what will it actually smell like, I really like the idea but what if it isn’t quite as I am expecting?”. It can be a purchase that feels too risky. So we then leave the page/the site and often just buy what we know, the ‘safe’ option or, what we can buy from a shop where we can go and experience it ourselves.

But if you always do that, you will miss out on all the wonderful unique blends created by artisan candle makers all over the UK, people who are creating wonderful new and exciting candle recipes, who you will not find on any high street.

So, how do you solve this issue, how to encourage experimentation without the disappointment or limiting the financial outlay?


We decided that it might be an interesting experiment to somehow offer a small taster before you commit. Could this be a great idea and encourage people to try something unknown and different by removing a lot of the risk?

We recently launched our new fragrance oil blend – Rose & Oud, and decided to test our idea. We offered a tealight sample in the new fragrance that enabled people to try it first, a bit like a paint tester pot. For a fraction of the price of the full sized candle you can get an idea of the fragrance without the risk, for just a pound inc p&p.

It has proved to be really popular for our Rose & Oud fragrance, so now, we are being asked about offering the same service for our other blends. So why not? If we can offer these tealight samples for all of our blends, it will help people properly experience the aromas for themselves and take away the risk of trying something new. And unlike paint tester pots, we decided to refund the tealight cost, if you decide to buy the full sized candle which we felt was a fair deal.

Obviously a tealight can never replicate the strength and depth of a bigger candle, but we have found that they provide a really useful way to choose one blend over another, or to decide on a birthday gift, and after all, you still get a beautifully fragranced tealight to burn so win : win all the way.

Our innovative little tealights are now available for all Hopping Hare blends in our web shop   https://www.hoppingharecandles.co.uk/shop  so you can dip your toe as much as you like before you dive on in*


Happy splashing!

*if you want to order more than one tealight, please make sure that you tick the ‘local collection’ option at the checkout or extra postage will get added. Don’t worry we will still post it to you!