“I’ve got far too many candles already”

says no-one ever!

A candle is always an appreciated and welcome gift.

It’s time to start searching for secret santa presents and stocking fillers. Our handmade small 9cl candles are the perfect size and are beautifully packaged to save you some time and effort.  Just add your own tag to our pre-ribboned and wax sealed boxes and you are good to go.

Not sure which to choose? Here’s a quick guide through our range to find the perfect gift…

Safety first – if you are really not sure what someone likes then opt for Soft Vanilla, it’s a safe bet, not a sweet, sickly vanilla, instead it is soft and woody vanilla and impossible to dislike.

Looking for the perfect small gift for the stressed/tired person in your life, then look at our essential oil range.  These are all unique blends of pure therapeutic essential oils and to give you a hint, their names describe what they offer when they burn.

For those who are stressed? choose Relaxing, Someone feeling out of sorts? choose Balancing

Lost your va-va boom, then Restoring could be the perfect antidote.

Need a boost, then Uplifting is your best bet,

Seasonal blues a problem, then Warming will boost your mood and spirit or Calming will help you chill out and relax.

For something more seasonal, and an ideal small gift for a host over the holiday season, then Winter Spice, Spiced Amber and Vintage Fizz could be ideal choices.

Something more exotic, then try our Seasonal Oud collection, all have the fabulous oud as their base but are mixed with many other fragrance combinations including woody, floral, and spicy to dark souk-inspired blends.

Perennial favourites for any candle lovers in your life you need to buy gifts for include: Cassis & Fig, Pomegranate RougeMoroccan Rose and Citrus Twist, these are all classic candle aromas and never fail to delight

Finally which candle to buy the most difficult person, try Rare Pear and Tonka, it’s very unusual and evolves as it burns making it both intriguing and inviting.

Happy (s)Hopping!